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Trip Economist is an online resource to find cheap flights from Europe and to discover useful money-saving travel information.

We want to prove that traveling can be affordable. All you need to make travel cheaper is to know where to find the right information.

It is not the money that actually stops most of the people from traveling, it is the lack of knowledge. Trips to most destinations in the world are within almost everyone’s reach. Even luxury travel destinations have a cheaper way of visiting them.

Cheap flights from Europe

Flights are the major money-eaters when it comes to trip planning.

We manually find cheap flights from Europe using flight search engines, tour operators, and airlines websites and share them with you at no charge.

To save your time we only publish non-stop flights and flights with short layovers at the same airport. We do not publish open-jaw flights, meaning that all our published flights have the same outgoing and incoming locations.

We regularly review our flight deals. Once a flight deal has expired and the price is no more valid we update the title of the post accordingly or remove it from the website.

We do not sell flights. Trip Economist only provides links to the best flight deals we manage to find. To book our published cheap flights follow the links in the posts. Links will redirect you to the same flight deals on the actual flight seller’s website where you will be able to complete your booking at the same price.

If you are looking for cheap flights on particular dates and destinations, contact us with your travel details. We will try to find a good flight deal for you and publish it on our website at no charge.

Good flight deals do not last long and need to be found and booked quickly. Visit our website or follow us on Instagram no to miss the latest cheap flights from Europe.

Money-saving travel tips

Travel is not as expensive as people often assume. Knowing where and how to get the best travel deals can save you a lot of money. And that is where we want to help!

On this website, we are sharing our knowledge on how to travel cheaper. We want to teach you how to save money for traveling, how to plan your trip, how to calculate your travel budget, where to find cheap flights, how to book cheap accommodation, and what are the best travel resources to find the latest travel information.

We want everyone to be able to get the most of their money when traveling.

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