* EXPIRED* Flights from London to Hanoi or Bangkok from €359 roundtrip

Flights from London to Hanoi

Cheap flights from London to Hanoi (Vietnam) or Bangkok (Thailand) in Mar, Apr, May, Jun 2020 from €359 roundtrip.

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From: London
To: Hanoi or Bangkok
When: Mar, Apr, May, Jun 2020
Price: from €359 both ways
Airlines: Shenzhen Airlines

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Hanoi from London (all dates)

Bangkok from London (all dates)

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A return flight to Hanoi from London in March 2020


Flights are operated by Shenzhen Airlines with layovers at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport in China. The company is partly owned by Air China, which is the flag carrier and one of the largest Chinese airlines.

Weather in Hanoi

The best time of the year to visit Hanoi is Spring (between March and May) and Autumn (between September and November). In Winter Hanoi is relatively cold, the temperatures often drop below 10 ºC. In Summer Hanoi sees its highest rainfall and is humid and hot, averaging around 32 ºC.

Weather in Bangkok

Thailand’s weather can be characterized by three main seasons and high temperatures and humidity throughout the whole year. The high season is between November and March.

April belongs to the end of the high season and is typically very hot.

May marks the beginning of the monsoon season, bringing some relief from the heat of April.

June is the second month of the rainy season. However most of the rain falls between mid-June through mid-September.


In both Thailand and Vietnam many good and affordable accommodation options can be found upon arrival. It is usually cheaper to show up at a guesthouse and ask for a room rather than booking a room in advance online.

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