How to find cheap flights from Europe to Asia?

How to find cheap flights from Europe to Asia

Is may seem far and expensive to travel from Europe to Asia. Yet airline tickets make the biggest part of the travel budget, there are certain ways to find cheap flights and not to break the bank.

We all know that the less we spend on flights the more we can afford when traveling. Remember that good deals never last long and cheap flights need to be found and booked quickly.

Let us share some useful links and our main tips on how to find cheap flights from Europe to Asia online.

How to find cheap flights

Below you will learn some useful information you need to know to find cheap flights from Europe to Asia.

1.Check the average flight price for your route

Before you start your search always check the average flight price for your route. The average price will let you recognize a good deal when you find it.

The best way to check flight prices is to compare them using several flight search engines such as or

After flight search engines complete the search and you select your preferred flight, they will redirect you to airlines, travel booking agencies or tour operators where you will be able to complete your booking.

2. Be aware of cookies which airlines use to offer you a higher price

When searching for cheap flights directly on airlines websites be aware that airlines use cookies to offer you a higher price. When you search a certain route on your device, cookies remember your search.

This is the reason why each time you search for the same route you get a higher price. Before you start your search, remember to clear the Internet history or to use private browsing mode.

3. Know the cheapest airports to fly to Asia from Europe

It is typically cheaper to fly from Europe to the following airports in Asia:

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Singapore Changi International Airport
  • Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

4. Know the cheapest airports in Europe to depart to Asia

Usually the cheapest flights to Asia are offered by airlines from the following European airports:

  • London Heathrow International Airport
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport
  • Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport

5. Know the cheapest airports in Asia to reach other Asian destinations

Below we listed arrival destinations in Asia from which it is cheap to reach other Asian destinations:

  • Kuala Lumpur – home to Air Asia, the cheapest Asian airline.
  • Bangkok – one of the major international airline hubs in Asia, home to multiple cheap local airlines like Nok Air, Thai Smile Air and many others. From Bangkok you will always find cheap flights to Myanmar and Vietnam
  • Singapore – another major international airline hub in Asia, also home to some cheap local airlines like Scoot and Tiger Airways. From Singapore you will find cheap flights to Indonesia and Thailand
  • Hong Kong – is often used as a layover on the way from Europe to The Philippines, South Korea or Japan.

6. Check annual flight study results annual flight study results also can help to find cheap flights from Europe to Asia. According to them you can save up to:

  • 24% if you book your flight 60 days in advance
  • up to 8% if you fly in the mornings
  • up to 8% if you fly on Tuesdays

7. The best day of the week to find cheap flights

During the time from Monday evening till Tuesday evening chances to find cheap flights from Europe are normally higher than on other days of the week.

8. The cheapest time of the year to fly to East Asia

Most of airline promotions on flights from Europe to East Asia take place during the low season in East Asia (November, December, January, February and March).

9. The cheapest time of the year to fly to Southeast Asia

Most of airline promotions on flights from Europe to Southeast Asia take place during the high season in Southeast Asia (November, December, January, February and March) and at the beginning of the low season in Southeast Asia (May, June).

Where to find cheap flights

Flight search engines are the best online websites to start your search. In their search results they return flights from airlines, online travel agencies and tour operators. 

1.Flight search engines

Flight search engines are comparing flight prices from airlines, online travel agencies and tour operators. They combine several airlines to help you get the best possible route and price for your preferred dates and destination. We find the following search engines to be the most flexible, accurate and easy to use:

Note that flight search engines are not flight sellers. Flight search engines only find and compare flights, offer the best possible prices, the most convenient stop-overs, the shortest flight duration and the best airline combination.

After you select the flight you are redirected to one of the following actual flight sellers:

After you are redirected from the flight search engine website to the actual flight seller’s website the price normally remains the same.

2. Online travel agencies

Online travel agencies work with multiple airlines and can offer cheap flights. The larger agencies can also offer a good customer service in case you need some support. Note that typically an additional fee is charged for their services. 

Below we list some trusted travel agencies:

For more information about online travel agencies and the way they operate read our post here.

3. Non-stop charter flights offered by tour operators

If you are flexible with your dates and are ready to depart this or next week check last-minute non-stop charter flights offered by tour operators.

Tour operators usually own or rent entire planes for their clients who have booked holiday packages which typically include flights, transfers and hotels.

When some spare seats are left in the plane, tour operators sell them as last minute flights tickets at low prices.

We often find and publish cheap last-minute flights from Europe on the following tour operator’s web sites:

We advise to search for last minute charter flights in the period between one day to one month before your departure.

4. Airlines websites and newsletters

You can also book cheap flights directly on airlines websites. It is easy to complete a booking on your own as most of the airlines have modern and easy-to-use web sites. In case you have any questions or concerns there is usually a customer support telephone number provided on their websites..

The only disadvantages are that you cannot compare prices from several airlines and you cannot combine several airlines into a single flight.

Cheap flights from Europe to Asia are often offered by the following airlines:

Visit airlines’ websites and subscribe for their newsletters to receive emails with the latest deals and promotions.

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