Top reasons to visit Kerala, India

Top reasons to visit Kerala

There are multiple reasons to visit Kerala, a beautiful and unique Indian state, located in the south of the country.

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India and is one of the safest country’s states to travel. Even to rent a motorbike and to explore the surroundings on your own is safe here.

Kerala’s capital city Thiruvananthapuram and a large portal city Kochi, also knows as Cochin, are the starting points when arriving from Europe to Kerala.

Both cities are well-connected with Europe by air. The cheapest flights from Europe to Kerala are usually offered by the Middle East Airlines such as Emirates or Qatar Airways.

Best India’s beaches

Kerala has a long coast of 590 km mostly covered by flat sandy beaches with picturesque coconut palms and amazing sunsets. The state was chosen by the National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of the world’s best beach destinations.

The nature is truthfully beautiful in Kerala, however most of the beaches are occupied by fishermen and are often covered by boats, nets and waste. Hotels clean their front beaches, but still swimming in some parts of the sea can be not as pleasant as expected. We suggest making some research before choosing a beach destination for your vacation.

Serene backwaters

Another reason to visit Kerala is its serene backwaters, which are a chain of lakes, rivers and lagoons connected by canals. Visitors cruise backwaters by boats or houseboats, observing rural life in riverside villages and enjoying the scenic landscape.

Educated locals

In the 19th century education has been promoted by Christian missionaries in Kerala and there was a school along with every church making education available for both rich and poor. Catholic priests insisted on providing education to both men and women.

Today the state can boast the highest literacy rate in India and a high level of English language skills among locals.

Rich wildlife

The rich soil, a warm tropical climate and heavy rainfalls maintain a very diverse and rich flora and fauna in the region.

The Western Ghats, the home to the main forest area in the state, is one of the most bio-diverse spots in the world. Many rare trees, flowers and plants can be found in the forests of Kerala. Herbal plants are used for Ayurveda treatment which is very popular in the state.

Kerala is also home to rich fauna. Elephants, leopards, tigers, bears, various snakes and turtles, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds and fishes can be found here.

There are multiple options for safaris in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Elephant safari, jungle safari or a tiger-spotting trip is always a fantastic experience.

Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda

Many people visit Kerala to try yoga and authentic Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems.

There are multiple yoga schools offering yoga training courses for all levels and for every budget. Some of the schools offer a full package including accommodation and meals along with the yoga course and last from several days up to several months.

Multiple Ayurveda centers offer professional health checks and consultations, massage therapies, personalized diets. Many centers have Ayurveda packages which apart from the treatment often include accommodation, well-balanced food, yoga and meditation classes.

Beautiful tea plantations

Endless tea plantations can be found in a peaceful town of Munnar, which is located in the Ghats mountains, 150 km from Kochi.

Beautiful lush tea gardens spreading for many kilometers and surrounded by green mountains give a perfect peaceful view to eyes and minds.

Take one of the walking trails to enjoy unforgettable panoramic views, watch the tea picking process and visit one of the tea factories to learn how a real tea is produced.

Ghats mountains

Kerala is located between the Arabian sea and the Western Ghats mountain range which runs through five Indian states. Western Ghats are home to one of the world’s oldest ecosystems and are protected by UNESCO.

The mountains are home to diverse flora and fauna protected by wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. Numerous amazing waterfalls, evergreen forests, old local tribes, picturesque villages, amazing hiking trails and viewing points can be found in the Western Ghats.

Ancient temples

Kerala is often called “The Land of Gods” and is home to many ancient temples, some of which are 2,000 years old.

Kerala is one of the most tolerant states in the country. More than half of the people in the state are Hindus, the others are Muslims and Christians.

Many tourists and pilgrims visit Kerala to take part in colorful festivals hold in the temples throughout the year.

Food and spices

The state is also known for its spices which it used to sell to European countries and other ancient civilizations.

Spices make Kerala’s cuisine special, flavored and aromatic and are one of the most popular souvenirs from South India. Visit Jew Town in Mattancherry, Kochi, a major center of spice trade, to buy spices at reasonable prices.