Top reasons to visit Tokyo

Top reasons to visit Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the largest and the most high-tech cities in the world.

You will be impressed by the number of rising skyscrapers, sparkling neon lights, high-technology attractions and the world’s busiest but perfectly organised metro system.


Green Areas

Even though the city is packed with skyscrapers it has many green areas to get a break from the city. Tokyo can offer well-maintained beautiful parks, green gardens and amazing nature areas, usually for a small admission fee.



Food is a significant part of Japanese culture and an important reason many tourists visit Japan. Both restaurants and local street eateries offer fresh, healthy and delicious meals.

Japanese food is not only about sushi and sashimi. Tourists are often surprised with a wide selection of different meals throughout the country. Tempuras (deep fried vegetables or seafood), yakitori (grilled meat or vegetables skewers), yakiniku (barbecue meat) and many other dishes should be tried when visiting Tokyo.



One more reason Tokyo attracts so many tourists is shopping. The city has entire shopping districts with the endless choice of modern shopping malls, outlets, local and international brand stores, youth fashion and designer boutiques.

Besides fashion, the city also offers special shops, among which you can find hobby shops, robot shops, electronics shops and many others.



Within only 2 hours from Tokyo you will find amazing Kyoto – the old capital of Japan. Kyoto can boast multiple Buddhist temples, green gardens, great palaces and beautiful geishas.

The reason people come to Kyoto is to feel a true spirit of the old Japan, which cannot be found anywhere else.


Cherry Blossom

From March to the middle of April you can enjoy cherry blossom, also called sakura in Japan. Seeing Japan’s sakura in full bloom is a magical experience! The best sakura viewing spots become very crowded in April.

However there is no need to go to some specific spots during the cherry blossom, because sakura trees are everywhere in Tokyo.



The city has a legendary and kind of insane nightlife. Besides endless clubs, pubs and restaurants, you can also visit cosplay or costume play parties, weird themed cafes, karaoke, wrestling, science or even video games bars.

Most of clubs, bars and eateries are open until the morning.


Flights from Europe

Tokyo is perfectly connected with many European cities by air. Cheap flights from Europe to Japan are often offered by LOT and Air France airlines at affordable prices.