Tour operator TUI enters the Baltic States travel market

The world’s largest travel and tourism company TUI Group has entered the growing Baltic States travel market in September 2018.

TT Baltics – operates on the basis of the TUI franchise

TT Baltics, a Riga based company, started selling TUI travel services in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania on the basis of a franchise contract. Apart from the Riga based head office, the company has also two smaller offices in Vilnius and Tallinn.

The first flights from the Baltic States were planned to start operation from Spring 2019. The company will first offer tourists the most popular travel destinations: Turkey, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria. Travel packages will include standard travel services: flights, transfers, hotels and on-site travel representatives.

Currently regular flights are operated by one of the following airlines: Ryanair, Wizz Air, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Baltic and others

According to travel experts, TUI Group will be able to offer great travel deals at competitive prices and to make exotic destinations easier to reach from the Baltic countries. There are also many holiday destinations in Europe which none of the Baltic States have direct connection with.


TUI is an Anglo-German travel company headquartered in Hanover, Germany. The company owns 1600 travel agencies, 6 airlines with about 150 aircraft and more than over 300 hotels.

TUI Group offers a whole range of affordable travel services including all-inclusive package holidays, cruises, flights, tours and many others.

The company is mostly known for fantastic last-minute deals leaving within the following three or four weeks.

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