Weather in Hong Kong

Weather in Hong Kong

Weather in Hong Kong is characterized by its subtropical climate and depends on the time of the year.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is between October and early December, when the weather is clear and pleasant.

Spring can also boast pleasant temperatures however it is mostly a cloudy season in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong sees four seasons:

  • A hot, humid and rainy summer between June and August
  • A warm, dry and clear autumn between September and November
  • A relatively cold and clear winter between December and February
  • A warm and unpredictable spring between March and May

Despite the seasons Hong Kong is a year-round destination with plenty of events taking place around the city.


Weather in Hong Kong by month

December is the first month after the typhoon season and the first month of winter in Hong Kong. The weather is dry, sunny and pleasant. The chance of rain is low and the number of sunny days is high. December is also the best time for shopping in Hong Kong.

January is the coldest month in Hong Kong however daily temperatures still stay above 10°C. The weather is mostly clear and the chance of rain is low.

February is the last month of winter in Hong Kong. The weather is cool and pleasant. The skies are clear and sunny and the chance of rain is low.

March is the beginning of spring time in Hong Kong. The weather is often misty. The temperatures get higher and the number of rainy days is relatively low. Evenings and nights are still cool in March.

April is a perfect month for trekking and sightseeing. The skies are mostly clear and sunny, humidity level is still comfortable and the amount of rainfall is low.

May is the end of spring in Hong Kong. It is the beginning of the typhoon season, meaning that the weather becomes hot and the number of rainy days increases. Humidity level becomes less comfortable. May is a good time to go to the beach or to enjoy flowers in bloom in Hong Kong.

June is not the best month to visit Hong Kong. It is a hot month with mostly cloudy skies. Humidity level and the number of rainy days are very high. Prolonged showers may last for several days.

July and August are very hot and humid. Both day and night temperatures stay above 25°C. The weather is often sunny with unpredictable heavy showers and typhoons.

September is also hot and humid. The number of rainy days decreases by the end of the month and the skies become mostly clear and sunny. September boasts the warmest water in the sea and is a pleasant time for swimming.

October and November are the best months to visit Hong Kong. The weather is cool, clear and sunny. The amount of rainfall is low. The temperatures are not too high and humidity level is comfortable.


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