*EXPIRED* Cheap flights from Paris to Japan from €377 both ways

Cheap flights from Paris to Japan (Tokyo) in March 2019 from €377 both ways with short layovers at Fuzhou Changle International Airport in China operated by Xiamen Airlines, a Chinese airline based in Xiamen, Fujian Province.


From: Paris
To: Tokyo
When: Mar 2019
Price: from €377 both ways
Airlines: Xiamen Airlines


Travel dates

Mar 10 – 23
Mar 17 – 27
Mar 19 – 27


Flight booking example


Travel route example

Paris – Fuzhou – Tokyo
Tokyo – Fuzhou – Paris


Where to stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very large city and we highly recommend to stay close to a subway station, ideally near one of the stations on a Yamanote Line.

The best areas to stay in Tokyo are the following:

  • Ginza – a famous shopping, dining and entertainment area
  • Shibuya – city’s commercial and business center
  • Shinjuku –  the administration center for the government of Tokyo and home to the busiest railway station in the world
  • Roppongi –  a lively entertainment area with numerous bars and clubs.

To book a room in Tokyo we advise using Booking.com, the the world’s leading accommodation booking platform.

A popular online platform Airbnb is also widely used in Tokyo. It is a web site where locals offer their own homes for rent, which are often cheaper than standard hotel rooms. If you are a new Airbnb guest get €25 in travel credit when you sign up via our link.


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