Cheap flights from London or Amsterdam to Manila from €278 return

Cheap flights from London or Amsterdam to Manila (the Philippines) in March, April, May or June 2019 from €278 both ways.

March and April belong to the summer season when the weather in the Philippines becomes more hot but is still mostly clear. May is the hottest month with daily temperatures reaching 34°C and a high humidity level. The monsoon season starts in June when heavy rainfalls and cloudy skies can be expected almost every day.

Flights are operated by one of the major Chinese airlines, China Southern. For more details about the airlines read our post about the cheapest airlines which operate flights between Europe and Asia.

Deal summary

From: London or Amsterdam
To: Manila
When: Mar, Apr, May or Jun 2019
Price: from €278 both ways
Airlines: China Southern

Travel dates

Manila from London

Manila from Amsterdam

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Flight booking examples

A cheap return flight from London to Manila in March 2019
A cheap return flight from Amsterdam to Manila in April 2019

Travel route example

London – Guangzhou – Manila
Manila – Guangzhou – London


The Philippines can offer accommodation for every taste. There you will find international five-star hotels, authentic beach resorts and simple cheap rooms. Accommodation in the Philippines is more expensive than in most of the countries in Southeast Asia.

When planning your trip to the Philippines keep in mind that room prices rise almost 50% during the high season, which lasts between November and April.

It is usually cheaper to book accommodation online. We advise using to find and book a room at the best possible price.

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