How and where to find cheap flights from Europe

find cheap flights from Europe

In this post, we will share useful links and our main tips on how and where we find cheap flights from Europe.

Airline tickets typically make the biggest part of the travel budget. If you manage to find cheap flights you can significantly reduce your travel costs.

The best flight deals never last long and cheap flights need to be found and booked quickly.

Where to find cheap flights from Europe

1. To find cheap flights start your search from flight search engines

Flight search engines are the best online websites to find cheap flights. They allow to compare flight prices from hundreds of sellers in just a few clicks.

Flight search engines are not flight sellers. They only find and compare flights offered by airlines, travel booking agencies, and tour operators. Along with the best flight prices, they can show flights with the most convenient stop-overs, flights with the shortest duration, and the best airline combinations.

Once you select your preferred flight from the list of options a flight search engine redirects you to the actual flight seller’s website. It can be an airline, a tour operator, or an online travel agency (OTA). Flight search engines charge them for forwarding customers to their websites. Once redirected to a seller’s website you can complete your booking at the same or a similar price.

Skyscanner is the best flight search engine to find cheap flights online. It compares flight prices from thousands of sellers, provides a user-friendly interface, and has a number of useful options that make trip planning simple.

  • Try the “whole month” option to view flight prices across the whole month. It allows identifying the cheapest days of the month to fly and to plan a trip around them. To use this option click on the “whole month” under the date selector and choose a preferred month.
  • Try the “everywhere” option to view flight prices to all possible destinations from your selected departure point. This is a great way to plan your trip itinerary and to find a cheap flight destination for your next adventure. To use this option select your departure point and choose “everywhere” under your destination. You will see a list of the airports you can fly to sorted by the lowest flight price.

2. Vist budget airlines’ websites to find cheap flights from Europe

To find cheap flights between European cities, visit budget airlines’ websites. They fly at very affordable rates that are sometimes lower than your taxi ride to the airport.

Today some of the budget airlines not only offer good value short-haul flights but also operate intercontinentally.

Budget airlines are so cheap because they only include basic services into flight prices and often operate between cheap airports that are located far from city centers.

When booking a flight with a budget airline you have to pay extra for such services as checked baggage, in-flight meals, seat selection, etc. Major carriers normally include all these services into the flight price and this is what makes their prices higher.

When you find a cheap flight operated by a budget airline, always check the total price of the ticket before completing your booking.

If you are flying with hand baggage only, taking your food onboard, and do not mind where to seat on the plane, a budget airline is a go-to option for you.

If you tend to pay for all the extra services make sure the total price of the ticket offered by a budget airline is not higher than the price offered by the major carrier.

3. Check cheap flights from Europe offered by tour operators

If you are ready to depart within a very short period of time check last-minute charter flights offered by tour operators.

Large tour operators own or rent entire planes for their clients who have booked holiday packages through them. Holiday packages typically include flight tickets, transfers and hotels. When some spare seats are left on the plane, tour operators sell them separately as last-minute flights at low prices.

We often find cheap last-minute flights from Europe on the following tour operator’s websites:

Visit their websites directly and search for the best flight deals in the period between one day to one month before your departure. Almost every month you can get some great value last-minute offers.

4. Subscribe to airlines newsletters for their best flight deals from Europe

To compete with each other airlines offer hundreds of special promotions and sales every day.

To find cheap long-haul flights from Europe it is worth subscribing to the newsletters from the top air carriers.

For short-haul flights between European destinations, it is worth subscribing to newsletters from the major budget carriers.

According to our experience, the above airlines offer the best flight deals from Europe. Subscribing to their newsletters will allow you to be among the first to find out about their special offers and reduced airline ticket prices.

5. Follow us to find cheap flights from Europe

We manually find cheap flights from Europe using flight search engines, tour operators, and airlines and share them with you at no charge. If you follow our links we earn a small commission which helps us keep this website running.

If you are looking for cheap flights visit our website or follow us on Instagram not to miss our best flight deals.

Tips to find cheap flights from Europe

1. Avoid traveling during peak seasons

Timing is a key to finding cheap airline tickets.

Seasonality is one of the main factors travel companies build their marketing around. During high seasons it is not only difficult to find cheap flights but also to find cheap accommodation, transportation, and other travel-related services.

To find cheaper flights review your travel dates and avoid traveling during peak seasons.

High seasons
High seasons are a time of the year when travel destinations boast their best weather and attract the biggest number of travelers. Almost every travel destination in the world has high and low seasons. Seasons are different from country to country and need to be checked when planning a trip. For example, beach destinations in Europe hit their peak season in Summer. However, beach destinations located in a different Hemisphere hit their peak season in Winter.

Public and school holidays
During public holidays and school breaks, flight prices jump to the highest. People book flights to meet their friends and relatives and to take away their kids for a school break.

Special events
Special events and festivals also increase traveler demand and airline ticket fares. Such scheduled events like annual business conferences, football matches, music festivals attract large numbers of travelers and allow airlines to significantly increase flight prices. If a popular event takes place at your destination, you will have to pay more for your airline tickets whether you are attending the event or not.

When choosing your travel dates remember not only to check high seasons, holidays, and special events in your destination country but also in your departure country. Airlines take both into account when setting flight prices.

If you are not flexible with your travel dates and are going to travel during peak seasons, you can only find cheap flights starting your search well in advance.

2. Fly on mid-week days

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are considered to be the cheapest days of the week to fly. This happens because mid-week days are less convenient to travel than other days of the week. To find cheap flights, try mid-week days first.

Mondays and Fridays are typically the most popular travel days among business travelers. On Saturdays, most holidaymakers start their vacations and on Sundays, most of them fly back.

Also, keep in mind that some routes are cheaper on certain days of the week. Routes popular among business travelers are cheaper during weekends and routes popular with holidaymakers are cheaper on workdays.

3. Choose the cheapest airport to fly from

When planning a trip keep in mind that some airports are cheaper to fly from than others.

To find cheap flights, always start your search from the airports in your local area. Regional airports can offer flights operated by budget airlines and charter flights operated by tour operators.

If you find a good deal from your local airport, go for it. Flying from a local airport can save you a lot of money and time and help to avoid the hassle. You won’t spend any of your vacation days on busy roads getting to and from the larger airport. You won’t have to think about how to get to the airport, where to leave your car or where to stay before an early flight. Also on the way back it is such a pleasure to know that once you land you are only a short drive away from home.

Larger airports typically offer the best flight deals and a bigger selection of routes and carriers. Large airports are used as hubs and transfer points by major airlines. They provide a big number of connections and a high flight frequency. Intercontinental flights are dominantly operated from a few largest European airports such as London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. 

However, once you find a cheap flight from the large airport, always calculate all the expenses you may face when getting to and from the airport. Often more expensive flights from smaller airports can be a cheaper alternative to cheaper flights from large airports.

4. Choose the cheapest airport to fly to

If flight prices to your destination are higher than you can afford, consider flying to one of the nearby airports instead.

The easiest way to find alternative airports is to use a flight search engine. Visit Skyscanner flight search engine and under the destination point instead of the exact airport select the whole country. Your search results will show you the list of airports in your selected country sorted by price. This is a perfect way to find the cheapest airport in your destination country.

Being flexible with your destination increases your chance to find cheaper flights.

To conclude…

Use the tips above as the main steps to find cheap flights from Europe.

  • Try to be flexible with your travel dates and avoid traveling during peak seasons.
  • Review your departure and destination airports, you may find cheaper airports nearby.
  • Always start your flight search from Skyscanner, a flight search engine that allows comparing flight prices in just a few clicks.
  • Then check charter flights operated by tour operators, like TUI or Condor. They often offer good last-minute options.
  • For your future searches subscribe to airline newsletters.
  • Visit our website and follow us on Instagram not to miss the best flight deals.