Is it worth booking airline tickets now to get the best flight deal?

get the best flight deal

Slowly recovering from the COVID-19, today many airlines offer great flight deals and simplified cancellation policies.

Until vaccines saturate populations enough, the airline industry won’t see high traveler demand. To boost passenger bases, airlines will need to cut ticket prices and launch other marketing campaigns.

Today you can get some of the best possible flight deals. However, be realistic and only book flights you might be able to take. Below you will find some points to consider before going ahead with your flight reservation.

To get the best flight deal know the usual flight price

To find the best flight deal you should know the usual flight price for your route and dates. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recognize a deal.

When looking for cheap flights from Europe, consider the following airline ticket prices as cheap:

  • Asia or Africa from Europe – below €350 is cheap
  • North America from Europe – below €300 is cheap
  • South America from Europe – below €400 is cheap
  • Australia from Europe – below €450 is cheap

Also, keep in mind, that flight prices always increase during peak seasons.

If your trip is not essential and you want to get the best flight deal for the future, only book airline tickets at a price that is well below the usual price for your selected route and dates.

Read the airline cancellation policy

In order to attract customers, most airlines offer flexible cancellation options. However, before you book airline tickets always visit their website and read the change and cancellation policy carefully. Flexible cancellation options may include exceptions and conditions you should be aware of.

For example, a change and cancellation fee can be only waived on flights purchased during a certain date range.

Also, in case of flight cancellation, some airlines do not provide refunds and offer vouchers instead.

Vouchers help airlines to maintain their cashflow. Once passengers accept vouchers, airlines can keep their money as an interest-free loan. To reduce refunds and to make passengers accept vouchers, some airlines offer bonuses added to vouchers, which are typically around 15% of the ticket price and have long expiry dates.

Taking into consideration the uncertainty of the travel situation today, vouchers are not the best option for passengers and we recommend asking for refunds.

Get your best flight deal directly from the airline

Consider booking airline tickets directly with an airline. In case of cancellation, it can save you a lot of money and time.

Some travel agencies are applying their own penalties and fees for any changes, even if an airline allows them to refund a ticket.

Also, going through an additional party when claiming a refund may complicate things. Once you read the airline flight cancellation policy, you do not need a middleman to apply for a ticket refund on your behalf.

To compare flight prices offered by airlines and by travel agencies use Skyscanner flight search engine. Prices offered by airlines usually remain the same once you are redirected to the airline website.

Stay up-to-date with COVID-19 regulations

Before booking any airline tickets today, it is essential to check the latest COVID-19 regulations in your departure and destination countries. Read the latest countries’ entry requirements and make sure countries are open to travellers.

Reacting to the latest COVID-19 situation, countries impose travel bans at short notice today and force airlines to change their schedules accordingly.

Only book flights you might be able to take. The fact that airlines are offering the best flight deals does not mean that flights will take place.

Despite rapidly changing COVID-19 regulations, today you can get the best possible flight deal once you read your airline flight cancellation policy carefully.

  • Due to lower passenger demand, airlines reduced their ticket prices and offer some of the best flight deals ever.
  • In case of cancellations, most airlines offer refunds, meaning that you do not lose anything once your flight is canceled. Always read the airline cancellation policy carefully!